Successful Santa Cruz Accelerates Companies

We’ve had several companies go through our Accelerator Program over the years. Here are the ones who have had great success:

A new patent-pending process to create chitin foam with a water-based eco-friendly method

$3.4M Seed round funded with Leonardo DiCaprio and Ashton Kutcher

Largest B2C Cannabis Online Marketplace in US

1,000+ dispensaries utilizing Jane Technologies software

$100M Series C

Climate FinTech mobile app reshaping impact investing. Raised $460,000 from the New York State Energy Research & Develop Authority, Responsibly Ventures, Central Coast Angels, and the Co-Founder of GoFundMe.

All-in-one online services and technology management for restaurants. $150k raised. Processed over $1.98MM in sales for restaurants in the last 90 days alone. Awarded first place at SCW 4th Annual Accelerator Pitch Contest.

VR-Based Physical Therapy Telehealth. Raised $500k+ between Startengine, NSF, and angel investors) Partnerships with Stanford Healthcare, University of Montana Biomechanics Lab, Ready Player Me, Houston Veterans Affairs (VA).

Created bulk distribution infrastructure for liquid and cream products Provider of shampoo, conditioner, laundry and soap refills to UC Santa Cruz. 2023 Westly Prize Winner.

Food without plastic packaging. Modern and convenient  bulk dispensers for supermarkets, campuses, and online fulfilment. 

$2.5 million raised, tons of plastic eliminated!

AI wildfire detection system. Featured on BBC’s T.V. and Radio program, BBC Click.

Creating 3d printed surfboards out of recycled materials. Received first place and People’s Choice Award in Santa Cruz Accelerates 5th Cohort Pitch Contest. More information coming soon!

CarbonBridge transforms biowaste-derived methane and carbon-dioxide (CH4, CO2) into versatile methanol (CH3OH). They aim to replace fossil fuels in hard-to-decarbonize sectors like marine, aviation, and heavy transport with their unique, cost-effective methanol, distinguishing themselves from other producers with their low-cost, energy-efficient approach.

Edily is like TikTok meets Khan Academy; we’re combining the engagement driven by content creators with AI learning. Edily’s app is on iOS and Android. Raised $160k in Angel capital and $210k in non-dilutive capital.

A new way to manage your money, engage on the go, stress less, and level up your life.

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Here For You

A centralized platform offering comprehensive support to individuals and families in times of need. Facilitating a dynamic support network, including messaging, crowdfunding, thoughtful gifts, coordinated assistance, and vital resource access in order to create a compassionate and connected community where no one faces hardship alone.

Dog food delivery service

Acqui-Hire by Owlcam

Smart home Internet of Things [IoT] company with a focus on household water usage and response.

Acquired By Resideo

High quality sub-surface oceanographic data and forecasting

Inboard Technology

M1 E-board (skateboard) and G1 Glider (scooter)

Shark Tank winners

Augmented Reality (AR) + Online Photo Printing