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I’ve had the opportunity to interview with fantastic companies, which led to offers! I’m excited to start my journey at Amazon. Thanks Santa Cruz Works!
— Alexandra Sibille / Amazon
Thank you so much for introducing me to the best job I have ever had at Joby Aviation!
Thanks to Santa Cruz Works for helping me achieve the dream of living and working locally at Looker!

$59 /yr
$99 /yr
$2,500 /yr
$5,000 /yr
$10,000 /yr
  Monthly New Tech MeetUp
Monthly New Tech MeetUp $10 $10 $10
  Monthly Company Spotlight Breakfast
Monthly Company Spotlight Breakfast
  Monthly Clinic / Training
Monthly Clinic / Training
  3-Day Advance VIP Tickets
3-Day Advance VIP Tickets
  Weekly Newsletter
Weekly Newsletter
  CEO Works
CEO Works - -
  Job Connect
Job Connect
  Video Production Room
Video Production Room
  Feature Article
Feature Article - - 1x 2x 3x
  Logo and links on website
Logo and links on website - -
  Quarterly Partners Only Breakfast / Lunch
Quarterly Partners Only Breakfast / Lunch - -
  $1,000 AWS credits
$10,000 AWS credits - -
  1-Month Cruzio Fibre
1-Month Cruzio Fibre - -
  Subsidized Internship
Subsidized Internship - - -
  90% off Hubspot CRM
90% off Hubspot CRM - -
  Zendesk 6mo Free
Zendesk 6mo Free - -
$59 /yr
$99 /yr
$2,500 /yr
$5,000 /yr
$10,000 /yr

Santa Cruz Works is a 501c(6) non-profit with 11,000+ members. Join us to be connected with information and opportunities on the hottest companies in our region. Learn about new products and solutions to accelerate your career, and be more successful in your business. Whether you are a student, starting your career, a career veteran, hiring manager, entrepreneur, or a thriving business, Santa Cruz Works will help you achieve your dreams in our community.

Santa Cruz Works provides value for everyone, from individuals to businesses. 80% of your annual membership subscription fees cover the costs for building community, supporting events such as skills training, job fairs, internship subsidizes, startup seed funding, our accelerator program, and more. We have partnered with The One Valley to use the Passport platform to provide our members with Perks. Once you become a member, you will receive an invitation to join and access the perks!

See our Member Profile at: 2020 SCW Member Survey

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Our Member & Partner benefits are constantly growing!

  1. Monthly New Tech MeetUp: Members / Partners get $10 off per event ($15 average ticket price); non-members pay on average $25 per event. Enterprise partners receive fee-waived 15 VIP tickets per event; $10 per person per for additional attendees.

  2. Company Spotlight Breakfasts: Visit local companies, learn about their products and culture, meet hiring managers. No fee for Members / Partners; non-members pay $15 per event.

  3. Monthly Clinics / Trainings: Topics and skills training range from business to coding. No fee for Members/Partners. Non-members pay $10-25 per event.

  4. Weekly Newsletter: All the latest news, jobs, and people you want to meet.

  5. CEO Works: A bi-weekly confidential forum where CEO’s can air their toughest business problems and apply their expertise to help other local CEOs.

  6. Job Connect: Become a partner to access job seeking talent in our community

  7. Co-working at Cruzio: SCW members can enjoy one free week of 9am-5pm membership, regularly $89.

  8. Cruzio Internet: Get your first month free as a Santa Cruz Works member ($74.95 discount).

  9. Video Production Room: Available when available via an online scheduling form.

  10. Featured Article: Santa Cruz Works will produce an article and video about your company.

  11. Logos on Website: Your company's logo on our website and in our newsletter.

  12. Quarterly Partners-Only Breakfast/Lunch: Partners (Solopreneurs, SMBs, Enterprise) are invited to meet each other once a quarter, and hear from keynote speakers about hot news for the region. Santa Cruz Works foots the bill.

  13. $10,000 AWS Credits: As of June 2023, the AWS Activate Founders program decreased AWS credits to new SCW Businesses from $25,000 to $10,000 in AWS credits valid for one year.

  14. 1-Month Cruzio Fibre: Free first month of a 12-month contract.

  15. Subsidized Internship: For companies less than 4 years old, with annual revenue under $1M, to hire new employees. Limited funding; available upon request.

  16. 90% Off Hubspot CRM: At Santa Cruz Works, we only recommend products & services we use ourselves. Battle tested. Our accelerator members receive up to 90% off their first year subscription (up to $17,000) and all of our other members receive 30% off (an average savings of $5,500). If you are an existing customer you can apply the scholarship to any added or upgraded hubs. Contact to determine your qualification.

  17. Zendesk: Six (6) months free of up to one hundred (100) Agents redeemable for any combination of Zendesk Support, Talk, Chat, Guide, Explore, and Sell, products. For startups who are net new Zendesk customers, 1-50 employee range, Series A or below funding

    Benefits are subject to change without notice. For example, subsidized internships have limited funds; first come, first serve. Some benefits will only be offered for during promotional subscription periods. New benefits will be added from time-to-time, and will be offered at no additional charge to Partners during their active subscription term.

  18. PitchHub: PitchHub is business-driven video production in the cloud and supports businesses to create more videos for their marketing and internal/external communications. SCW members get 10% off all PitchHub video services.

  19. Exclusive Resources: Access to clinic and event recordings and other resources via SCW Accelerates One Valley Passport.

  20. SMBs/Enterprise Event Table Space: SMBs/Enterprise partners can table at our events for free! Table space is limited so please reach out to us and let us know in advance if you would like to table at an upcoming event.

  21. Idea Fab Labs: 25% off of the membership fee

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We have partnered with The One Valley to use their Passport platform to provide members with access to Perks. Once you become a member, you will receive a welcome email to login to the Santa Cruz Accelerates program. You can also login using the link below:

Member & Partner Perks

This is a partial list. Become a Santa Cruz Works Member, Partner, or Accelerates participant to receive access to $1M+ of perks / discounts. All offerings are subject to change without notice.

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